Green house with brick wall

Little cracks into big masonry trouble grow.

Let our experts tackle your little masonry problems with tuck pointing now, before bigger problems happen.

House made of bricks with pool

We have seen the enemy, and it is water.

Mortar holds your stone or brickwork together. It also keeps water out of your masonry, preventing the damage that both freezing and thawing conditions and erosion can do. When you see a chunk out of your mortar, you need it fixed quickly.

When you call our masonry experts, you're not just getting modern craftspeople. You're getting experts who understand historically masonry, too. You can be certain that you'll get your repointing done properly, whether we're fixing a modern wall or a colonial carriage house. 

A stitch in time really does save nine

When you take care of it properly, masonry can stand for centuries. The problem becomes that most people don't take care of their masonry correctly. When you ignore that little crack in your foundation, you can end up with huge structural issues and bills to match.

The little crack you see might seem like nothing, but it's a way for water and time to damage your structure. Prevent huge future expenses by having one of our masons evaluate and repair your stonework problems before time makes a masonry mountain out of your molehill.

Don't ignore the problems with your stonework. Call us today, before that small crack becomes a big problem.


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